Fiji’s Head of State thanks Government in last investiture ceremony

Fiji's outgoing President Jioji Konrote bestows the 50th Anniversary of Independence commemorative medal to Ministry of Health PS Dr James Fong at the Government House in Suva on Monday, October 25, 2021. Picture: FIJI GOVT

Fijian President Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konusi Konrote officiated in his last investiture ceremony at State House yesterday and thanked Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama and Government for its continued support throughout his term in office.

“We came in here to serve the nation and I’d like to thank you and your government and the nation and our people for supporting this institution during my term as President,” he said.

In addition, the Head of State thanked the chairperson of the College of Honour, Dr Akanisi Kedrayate and her team for ensuring that all nominations were carefully assessed and that only carefully vetted recommendations were submitted.

“Today’s consecration ceremony of the Order of Fiji Awards fulfils and successfully concludes one of my literary duties in this office, which is to honor, acknowledge, and reward each individual and collective support for our beloved nation.”

The 50th Anniversary of Independence commemorative medal was bestowed upon:

  1. Minister Inia Batikoto Seruiratu
  2. Ambassador Mosese Tikoitoga
  3. John O’Connor
  4. Lt Col Laisiasa Tuitubou
  5. Dr James Fong
  6. Rajesh Punja
  7. Gardiner Whiteside
  8. Kalpesh Patel
  9. Dr Aalisha Sahukhan
  10. Mahendra Tappoo
  11. Reverend Joji Rinakama
  12. Jayanti Meghji
  13. Dr Jemesa Tudravu
  14. Mohammed Zain Ul Abidean
  15. Sanjay Kaba
  16. Dr Luke Nasedra
  17. Karalaini Macanawai (Retired Midwife, returned to duty onboard MV Veivueti – during COVID-19 response)
  18. Rajesh Patel
  19. Una Rokoura
  20. Rusiate Raidaveta
  21. Sale Sorovaki
  22. Jope Tuikabe
  23. Umarji Musa
  24. Saiasi Fuli
  25. Mosese Nakoroi
  26. Rupeni Kunaturaga
  27. Tuipolotu Nauluvou Tuiloma
  28. Viliame Gadolo
  29. Livai Siga
  30. Niumaia Gucake
  31. Faga Avoiki
  32. Amelia Ravu
  33. Vasiti Vugakoto
  34. Mere Wavu
  35. Inoke Tabisa
  36. Sailasa Kuruwale Saratibau
  37. Akuila Nawai
  38. Kameli Tacikalou
  39. Jone Vakaroronalevu Tawake
  40. Jese Suliano
  41. Veresi Sakunitoga
  42. Mesui Degei
  43. Makelesi Tamoi
  44. Naibuka Ranuku
  45. Avete Tiritabua
  46. Vairusi Tamana Rasova
  47. Dr Amrish Krishnan
  48. Judy Compain

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